Anonymous asked: "so how was the movie?"

Ugh I didn’t even get to watch it because I was not being smart and only watched the scenes with Amy songs when I actually had the night off… now it’s expired :(

Anonymous asked: "You wanna push the button? ..:P"

Honestly I might be more excited for that song than Lockdown because now EvFans can officially have raves and dance parties

Anonymous asked: "You should come watch SPN and EV things with me."

Yessss deal we will watch them on the big screen and eat popcorn and cookies

Anonymous asked: "I calls halfsies on yous collections."

Only if you bake me coooookies.

Anonymous asked: "nooooooooo idea who that issssssssssss."

Yes yes her name is Lynn and I love her because she leaves messages in my inbox in the dead of the night

Anonymous asked: "saaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy theeeeeeeeee woooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddds"

I can’t faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccceeee the waaaaaaaaaarrrrrr!

Anonymous asked: "I miss you and your face."

I is right here and not going anywhere! :D

Anonymous asked: "hiiiiiii i is anons and i'll beeeeeee in your inboxxxxx."

I knows it’s you. I already caught you once off anon tonight!

Anonymous asked: "soooo whatttttttt ya doing?"

Just reading all these anons, LYYYNNNNNN


Imagine your icon realizing they are in love with you with the same expression they have in your icon.

Anonymous asked: "Why so pretty?"

Nope that’s still you, dear!